Channel Partner

Move markets together

Through Nedap’s Channel Partner Programme you are given the opportunity to join Nedap’s global network of highly qualified reselling partners and instantly benefit from the programme essentials. Working together to win projects. That is why our Channel Partner Programme is entirely based on transparency. No hidden rules. No surprises. Join the winning team and let's move markets together.

Why partners cooperate with us

Discover our purely indirect sales model

Nedap Security Management supplies its products exclusively through Channel Partners, and we do not make use of distributors. Therefore, communication lines are short, and there is room for healthy profit margins.

Make a long-term investment

It is unlikely that you know exactly what security measures your customers will need in five years’ time. We are continually updating and improving our AEOS software, so you can always keep the systems at your customers up-to-date and secure. With AEOS, you can start small and add functionality gradually. Or integrate AEOS with existing systems to improve the operation and prolong your investments.

Why technicians love AEOS

Build whatever you want

AEOS allows you to unleash your creativity. Like a set of building blocks, it will enable you to build custom and tailor-made solutions. Think of optimising the flow of high-speed tourniquets by advanced configuration. Or connect gates with both vehicle detection and access control. The ability to configure the system combined with rich expansion possibilities and integrations brings you almost unlimited freedom.

Unlock AEOS’ potential with our training programme

The AEOS training programme provides access to high-grade training courses. This enables Channel Partners to unlock the full potential of AEOS.

Use our wide range support services

Nedap holds a strong track record in offering top-class technical and commercial support and free helpdesk services.


Interested in becoming a Channel Partner?