A security specialist you can call when you want to

We believe that, when consultants and manufacturers work together, we create better security solutions for our clients. And that’s what it is all about. As a consultant, you know the needs of your clients. We work with the latest technology to address those needs on a daily basis. By exchanging knowledge and experience, we ensure that we provide the end client with a security system that truly meets their needs.

We offer a security specialist you can call when you want to. Nedap provides you with a single point of contact that personally supports you in your projects ranging from design questions to cost estimates and tender specifications.


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Lunch & Learn sessions

Our Lunch & Learn sessions provide the information you need to strengthen your knowledge of physical security.

  • Learn about relevant security themes from industry experts.
  • Maximise your lunch break with short, effective sessions at your office.
  • Improve your skills and professional competence and gain CPD points.
Themes to choose from
We have Lunch & Learn modules available on the following themes
Introduction to access control
Access-control systems are used in many situations - from a simple office building to a court with extremely stringent security requirements. This involves not only people, but also vehicles and business processes. But what is an access-control system exactly? What are its components? And how do they work? In this lunch & learn session, we provide insight into the capabilities that exist for identifying a person and for opening doors.
How to design flexibility and efficiency into security specifications
Could changing the way you define specifications for physical security systems improve customer satisfaction? This CPD-approved Lunch & Learn session looks at how specifications can influence both the cost and performance of a security system. You’ll get the inside view from a global operating manufacturer on the receiving end of specifications, plus recommendations for improving the process of defining them.
Usability & Security: a precarious relationship
Where do you stand on usability versus security when it comes to access control? How does one affect the other? And is it possible to maximise both? This CPD-approved Lunch & Learn session looks at the relationship, and conflict, between security systems and their usability. You will not only learn how to increase usability, but how to balance that with the security levels needed.
Securing the security system
This Lunch & Learn session discusses security best practices to protect against three known threats to security systems. It considers the influence of people and procedures, as well as technology, on the security of organisations and their systems.
Escape Routes
Safe & Secure
In this Lunch & Learn session, we will discuss the EN standards and requirements applicable to escape routes. We will then take a look at the options available for securing escape doors without compromising peoples’ safety.

To be expected soon...

Currently we are working on the following sessions:
  • Zoning a building and design a security system in 4 steps
Please don't hesitate to contact us when you would like to know more about our Lunch & Learn sessions.