Innovation by acquisition

Innovation by acquisition? A thought on the security industry

The other day some people at Nedap headquarters were going through some old documents and found the advertisement below from 1978. It was published by Nedap as a commercial for its access control system. It made people realise how long they have been developing and manufacturing access control. Also, I had the feeling it made people proud. 


What are four benefits of automation in security?

There are three elements that need to be taken care of to ensure we have effective security - People, Processes and Technology. Each element serves a  unique and distinct purpose, but when combined, they are far more powerful. In short, technology ensures that processes and procedures are enforced and that the people are doing what they should be doing.

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How to implement your security policy the easy way

If you’re a security manager, you’ll know how many different factors are involved when securing buildings and premises. 
You draw up a security policy to prescribe the appropriate security measures, but how do you then implement that policy? 

access control authorisations

Do badges need access to buildings…or people?

Traditional access control systems assign access rights to identifiers such as badges, fingerprints or PIN codes. It seems sensible, but there’s a problem. It means the identifier has the authorisation to enter – rather than the person or vehicle that needs access.


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