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The economic viability of security measures - can ROSI make a difference?

Anyone who is responsible for security within a company constantly faces the challenge of justifying investments in security and/or comprehensively illustrating the cost-benefit ratio of such investments. But what if we turn this the other way round: What would happen if companies didn’t invest in their security?

access control systems

Access control systems and methods of identification

Access control regulates who is permitted access to an organisation at what locations and when. To do this, an access control system uses recognition by means of identification. 

Professionalism Security access control

Professionalism in Security

Professionalism is defined in the dictionary as “the competence or skill expected of a professional”. This, therefore begs the question, what qualifications, skills or experience someone needs to demonstrate to become a security consultant? 

Access control system

Is it worth purchasing an access control system?

The path to the Security Officer of a company receiving the purchase order from Senior Management to procure an access control system is often long and rocky, as most of the time, the first question the Officer is asked is whether this type of system is generally worth it for the company.


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