Open standards Access control

Open Standards in Access Control

Open standards or open protocols allow vendor equipment to interoperate without needing a proprietary interface or gateway.

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Security without limits

When designing security and planning buildings, best practice states that we should divide buildings into separate compartments.
With the increase in mobile technology and the freedom it provides, more people are working remotely from an office than ever before.


A new perspective on personal data

Most people assume that personal data and security must go hand in hand. Where is your data stored and for how long? And who has access to it? Currently, the Data Protection Act (DPA) ensures careful use of important personal data. As of May 2018, this Act will be replaced by the GDPR, the General Data Protection Regulation.

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The economic viability of security measures - can ROSI make a difference?

Anyone who is responsible for security within a company constantly faces the challenge of justifying investments in security and/or comprehensively illustrating the cost-benefit ratio of such investments. But what if we turn this the other way round: What would happen if companies didn’t invest in their security?


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