Milestone XProtect® Corporate

Extend AEOS with the Milestone XProtect® Corporate integration

The integration of AEOS and Milestone XProtect® Corporate offers a solution to customers without a security management suite, who require combined video and access control.

The integration provides a web-service based communication between the XProtect Corporate Management Server and the AEOS server, allowing access to the system from any computer with a web browser.

The functional behavior of the integration is formed by type mapping between events from the two systems. When an alarm occurs in AEOS (along with an external camera associated with the alarm point), AEOS will find the corresponding XProtect event type (or use the default) and send a message to XProtect. This message contains a time stamp, the name(s) of the associated cameras and the event type, and it will be inserted as a user-defined event in the Management Server. By creating rules in the Management Server, this event can, for example, be used as a recording trigger and/or bookmark for navigation in the video recordings.