We secure access.

Security is about trust

You provide the people you trust with a key of your building. That’s why access control is at the heart of your security management solution. You have to secure what is important to you; your people, their ideas and their environment. That is what we offer. Meet AEOS.

Case studies

    Nottingham University

    The University of Nottingham is renowned for its research innovations. Its system to control access and to secure the facilities no longer reflected its commitment to excellence in the advancement of technology.

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    Airport Weeze

    Ten million inhabitants of Germany and the Netherlands live within 60 minutes’ drive from the airport, making it an important gateway in the region. 
    To comply with the highest standards of airport security, Airport Weeze recently updated and improved its security measures with AEOS.

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    Airport Weeze

    Ziggo Dome

    Ziggo Dome played host to a seemingly never-ending stream of leading national and international singers and bands. Increasing visitor numbers indicate the growing popularity of what is now known as the music Mecca of the Netherlands. An event venue of this type requires specific security measures and systems.

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    ziggo dome1


    Unilever touches the lives of two billion people each day. To improve its market position further, Unilever is streamlining processes to improve its service, profits and global consistency.

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    Unilever gebouw


    Nedap’s Global Client Programme helped Danfoss to transform its unified company strategy into a value proposition for security. 

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To be in control of your access, AEOS manages identities and authorisations and carries out your security policy in a way that supports your business processes.
From banks to hospitals, from airports to governmental premises, AEOS suits it all.




This is our user interface
We designed web-based applications that are tailored to users’ specific needs. Staff working with AEOS will comply more closely with your security policy as the application supports them in their daily work.
AEOS blue controller
This is our door controller
It connects your building with AEOS. We design our own controllers to provide a powerful platform for our software. Since all AEOS controllers have their own computing power to communicate peer-to-peer and authorise access autonomously, your safety will be protected even when the server goes down.
This is end-to-end security
Cyber-attacks represent a risk for all connected devices, especially security systems. Our end-to-end security solution copes with these threats. It provides encryption and requires strong authentication. Together with AET Europe, we set the highest security standard in our market.



Why AEOS suits you

AEOS is designed to be highly configurable enabling you to adapt the system to your processes. It integrates with your existing third-party systems and scales with your organisation whenever necessary. AEOS can cope with changes over time. It suits you now and in the future.