Wide range of integration possibilities

To get the most out of your access control system, AEOS is based on open standards. This way, the system offers a wide range of both horizontal and vertical integration possibilities. Some of the frequently used integrations.

Online & offline locks
Every building has different zones, each with its security requirements. From the security perspective, it is essential to handle all access rights in one single system. AEOS has been designed to handle all types of third-party locks. Including offline, online, wired, and wireless ones.

Card readers
We offer our card readers, but in some cases, card readers belong to the part of the installed base that is preferred to be maintained. To provide you with maximum freedom of choice virtually any card reader in the security industry works with AEOS.

Access control extended to lockers and cabinets. Nedap locks can be integrated with AEOS and installed in lockers or cabinets of any third party. Especially for flexible work spaces, AEOS locker management is appreciated, as it facilitates the work process by providing security and usability.

Key cabinets
With the integration of key cabinets in AEOS, physical keys become part of your access control system. The identity and access management rights in AEOS apply to these keys of which the status can be monitored. This integration enables you to oblige people to return the physical keys before leaving the building. The exit of a person can be blocked until the key is returned.

Biometric systems
AEOS integrates with the security industry’s major biometric systems. With this integration, one single system can serve both the enrolment and verification of biometric parameters and the storage, data backup and multi-site functionality of biometric IDs.
For more integration possibilities, see our technology partner page.


Learn more about our integrations on the Technology Partner page.

End-to-end security by encrypted communication

What would a major cyber-attack mean to your organisation? What if an attack was aimed at your access control system? We believe your physical security system should be protected against any intrusion in today’s world. This is where end-to-end security comes in. Our solution ensures encrypted communication between all devices from the door to the core of AEOS. Watch the video to learn more.