Why AEOS suits you



Adapts to your processes

AEOS is highly configurable for a reason. We believe an access control system should adapt to your processes, not prescribe them. Our Channel Partners are highly trained on our product. They have the particular knowledge of local regulations which they will use to make only the right solution for you.



Integrates with your systems

AEOS works with a variety of third-party solutions. This enables you to use your existing infrastructure or to build an integrated security management system. At server level for example, AEOS uses LDAP, HR or ERP databases as leading source of identity data. At controller level, AEOS can be linked to devices such as card readers and biometric readers. 





Scales with your organisation

AEOS has been designed to suit a wide range of organisations. From SME to multinational, from one to a thousand doors and more with the same system. Both the pricing model and the architecture of AEOS are designed to scale with your organisation